Kiss i-ENVY Glam Icon Lashes Iconic 21 KPEI21

Kiss i-ENVY Glam Icon Lashes Iconic 21 KPEI21

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Iconic Collection Glam Icon

Style: Iconic 21

I. ENVY by Kiss is launching a very special collection dedicated to fashion-forward lash lovers. The brand-new Iconic Collection has been designed around three of today’s hottest makeup trends, and our lash experts and makeup artists have teamed up to create four stunning styles for each. With 3D Angle and Volume Technology that perfectly sets off each look, the results are a stylish treat for every makeup lover no matter what the occasion.

Glam Icon Dedicated to fashion-forward lash lovers, Natural Icon lashes are a classic style that make the perfect pairing for your everyday, pastel and even bare-eye looks.